What a game the 2003 Wayne - Xenia battle would be. Listen to the archived web-cast only on OPS.

Most schools will play a sure win for Homecoming. This year Xenia played Wayne and the field and skies were electrifying. With big name recruits Ben Person and Marcus Freeman playing against each other instead of being teammates, this game was sure to have some great plays and be a battle till the end.


In the past weeks some officials calls have been in question on both sides of the ball. That was no different as before the game even got started. The on field events put a three minute delay in the start of the game and the officials wasted no time and threw the flag for the first penalty on the night.  On top of that, Xenia tried to make a special entrance into the game with fire extingishers blasting white smoke into the air.  The only problem was the band wasn't out of the way and some band members were hit by full speed running players.  Those hurt were taken to the hospital just a few minutes after the game got started.

The Warriors saw early scoring chances come up short with missed kicks by Drew Eby, but Thomas Mouser was the work horse again for the Warriors with over 100 yards rushing and scored the first touchdown on the night.

The Bucs came right back and scored on a big drive ending with a Matt Spits field goal. With a slim lead at halftime ( 7 - 3 ) both teams headed off the field and regroup as the weather started to build.

During halftime we had the chance to speak with a college coach from Ohio Dominican University. Chris Oliver is helping build a new football program. Ohio Dominican will hit the field in 2004 lead by Head Coach Dale Carlson. During 2003 Chris is hitting the road and viewing high school games across the state. On this night he made the trip to Xenia and came away seeing great talent that he hopes will look at the Panthers. Listen to what Chris had to say about Ohio Dominican and OhioPrepScene.com during half-time and during the delay. Note: If you're a player and have interest in Ohio Dominican please visit www.Ohiodominican.edu for more information. You can also see a newspaper story about the building of this program at www.ohiodominican.edu/news/WantedPlayers.shtml We would like to thank Chris for taking the time and explaining about Ohio Dominican and the program being built.

As both teams headed back and started warm-ups the officials pulled both teams off the field with lighting in the northern skies. Just as in the Fairfield game the rule states a half-hour delay from the last visible lightning strike is required before play can resume.

After the long delay the Bucs found a spark and road the running of Cedric Tolbert ( 152 yards, 1 TD ) to tie the game at 10 - 10. It looked like 2003 was going to be the year the Bucs got over the Warrior hump with a field goal attempt by Spitz, but with a minute left Spitz who lined up 5 yards off the line instead of the normal 7 had his game winning attempt blocked and the game ended in a 10 - 10 tie.


In overtime, our phone line dropped before the start,  we were back on the air for what was going to be a great finish. The Warriors had the ball first and found some running room early. On a big 3rd and inches, the Warrior coaches called a dive play for Marcus Freeman and with the blocking of the line Marcus powered his way into the end zone with what would be the winning score. Eby made good on his extra point and the Bucs needed to put the ball in the end zone for another overtime.

On the first play of the drive Tolbert powered for 6 yards. On second and third downs the Bucs came away empty and faced fourth down having to make sophomore QB Josh Cousins throw for the tie. With very few completions Cousins saw his pass fall incomplete in the end zone and the Warriors leave Xenia with a big GWOC win and many computer points.

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During this weeks broadcast you will hear Coach Jay Minton's comments before the game. Drew Eby and Thomas Mouser in our Warrior player profile along with last weeks player profiles on Marvin Samuel, David Day and Alex Ritchie. Make sure you hear the overtime and after the game comments from Coach Jay Minton and Coach Woods along with several Warrior players.

We would like to thank all of the officals from Xenia, but next time could you please have some sort of beverage for us.

Join OhioPrepScene for the live broadcast next Friday from Piqua in a big GWOC cross-over game.

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