We caught up with Quarterback Daryll Clark and asked him a few questions about recruiting and the schools that are still in the hunt.

One of the most talked about recruits in Ohio is quarterback Daryll Clark of Youngstown Ursuline High School. Daryll has several schools in the hunt for his services and was nice enough to speak about recruiting and what he's looking for in a school. This is the second time I have spoke with Daryll about the recruiting process. One things I can tell you about him is this, Daryll is one of the most prepared young men I have spoken with about the recruiting process.

OPS: Daryll, I know many have been asking you about what school is in the driver seat for your commitment. Where do things stand at this time, and what schools are you still considering?

Daryll: I visited Penn State as many people know, I really liked my visit and found a lot of things I was looking for. I was to visit West Virginia this weekend, but the coaches called and changed all of the visits set for this weekend. Right now I'm planning on taking a visit there in January. I will be taking a visit to Toledo next week or the week after, and have made some changes so I can take visits to Iowa and Nebraska also. Trying to set up flight times have slowed those visits.

OPS: I have seen where West Virginia was listed as one of your favorites. At this time do you have a favorite?

Daryll: No I don't have a favorite. I'm not leaning one way or another. Things change during recruiting, the last time I was at West Virginia they were playing Pitt. It was a great game, and I sat with T. J. Mitchell. We talked about West Virginia and he was real high on them, and I saw where he gave them a verbal. I know before he gave his verbal I would hear from the coaches a lot. But since his verbal, they still contact me but not as much as they did before. I don't know if his verbal changed what the coaches felt about me or not. They still want me to visit in January, so I would say they still have some interest.

OPS: The last time we spoke, you talked about your family and the importance they would play in your college choice.

Daryll: Yes, my family is going to stay involved. I want them to be a part of what I'm doing and able to go to games and visit. That is one of the things I'm really looking at with Nebraska and Iowa. I really have to look at the distance away from home.

OPS: Have things changed since we last spoke about what your looking for in a college program.

Daryll: Things may have changed some in the order, but at this time I'm looking at the following.

1. Education: I'm really looking hard at each college and want the best education I can receive. That is and always will be the number one objective.

2. Athletics: What position I'm going to play. I want to play quarterback and not another position. I will look at what the depth chart looks like, and my chances of playing.

3. Get Along: I want to get along with my coaches and also the players who will be my teammates. I want coaches that will be upfront and honest with me. I want teammates who want to win and are willing to work hard towards the same goals.

4. Social Atmosphere: I want a place where I can enjoy my time away from school and football. A place were my teammates or family can go out into town and have fun.

OPS: What do you want people to know about you as an athlete?

Daryll: That I'm a quarterback and only a quarterback. I don't want to play another position. I only want to be a QB.

OPS: You also play basketball, how's the season going?

Daryll: Were 1-2 and just had a big win. Were starting to come together and have big games on Tuesday and Friday this week. In fact I just got done with practice.

OPS: Daryll as always, thanks for your time and we wish you the best during the recruiting process.

Daryll: Thank you, sir.

During the past year I have spoken to many players going through the recruiting process. Some have a plan and stick with the plan. They are prepared and have goals in place as to what college they will attend. Daryll is one of those young men. He knows what he wants, and is working to achieve the goals set. Daryll is one of the nicest young men I have spoken with, and I wish him the best in his choice.

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